Beach Buggy Racing MOD Apk (Unlimited Money/Resources) Latest

Beach Buggy Racing MOD Apk (Unlimited Money/Resources) Latest

October 3, 2021

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Description Beach Buggy Racing MOD Apk (Unlimited Money/Resources) Latest

Beach Buggy Racing MOD Apk is the newest title coming from the creators of Angry Birds. But instead of flinging birds you race large vehicles whose top speed isn’t exactly stellar. It’s a standard go-kart racing game, with powerups scattered across each course and a career mode where you can upgrade your vehicle between races.

There are quite a few different maps in Beach Buggy Racing, all taking place on a tropical island backdrop where palm trees grow in bunches and water pools in some areas. Your buggy doesn’t handle very well but it can accelerate quickly, making it great for drifting around corners, which is especially useful when trying to activate one of the many jump ramps spread throughout each map.

Beach Buggy Racing Apk Unlimited Money

The regular races don’t really add much excitement to the formula. They’re all a race against the AI racers, with the winner being whoever completes three laps in the first place without hitting too many obstacles or falling into the water. There are occasional powerups scattered throughout each map which can give you a boost if activated while speeding along, but these don’t actually do much to spice up the races or challenge you.

Each map is divided into five different tracks, and beating one of these unlocks it for use in career mode back at your compound. Here you can upgrade your buggy between races by spending cash earned from finishing races earlier on. It doesn’t matter which track you take part in during career mode since there’s no distinction made between them other than their difficulty level and how much cash.

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Game Features:

  • Career, Arcade, and Single Event game modes
  • Upgradeable cars and Properties to purchase additional new vehicles
  • Gorgeous Graphics
  • 20+ Vehicles to choose from
  • 4 detailed environments: Beach, Snow, Forest, and Desert
  • Unique fun facts about each environment with some hilarious comments (Check them out)
  • Dozens of challenging races and tournaments
  • Race replays with a full range of camera options – Go from high speed to a bumper view.

Game Play Beach Buggy Racing Mod

Each race happens on one of several different maps, where you’ll find ramps leading up to higher areas or down toward lower ones. The further right or left you to go in this game, the more narrow your path gets, making it hard to avoid hitting walls while drifting around corners. It’s even worse if your buggy is upgraded with a sunroof that can hit nearby objects when turning sharply. If you get stuck behind another racer then expect to see your life bar slip away very quickly as they drive off ahead of you.

There are several power-ups strewn about each course, but here again, there isn’t much variety offered throughout all 23 races included in Beach Buggy Racing. You get several different types of rockets that can be used to destroy nearby racers or any pesky obstacles in your way. There’s also a nitro boost powerup which can give you a quick burst of speed, but this has to be activated while already moving at high speeds.


If you’re looking for a game that will keep you busy, Beach Buggy Racing MOD Apk is a perfect choice. This racing game has amazing graphics and even better gameplay – it’s easy to get addicted! You can play this game anywhere with no wifi needed which makes it great for commuters or those who don’t have access to high-speed internet at home. There are plenty of levels in different environments with various challenges so there won’t be any boredom while playing this addictive race car game.

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