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Beat The Boss 4 is the ultimate game of taking revenge. This is where the player gets to see all the important details of his or her enemy. All the secrets of the game will be revealed before the player reaches the end of the game. He or she will learn what made the boss evil, where he or she came from, and why. All this will help the player in Beat the Boss 4 Mod Apk become a better person and make a better decision next time he or she faces a similar situation.

Your task in this game is to defeat as many of your enemies as possible. Do this by tapping the screen wherever you see an enemy. When you do so, he will immediately lose one life. As soon as he loses all his life, the round will be over. After the round, you will see how much damage you have done to your enemies and how many of them you have defeated. You can tap the screen again to throw a grenade at your enemies, or tap it once more to shoot at them with your weapon of choice. If you want to, you can also use your weapon’s special ability.

Story Beat the Boss 4 Mod Apk:

A story describes an employee who is unhappy with his boss but can’t do anything about it. The birth of Beat the Boss will help such people comfort torturing their ss with different weapons to get rid of stress in the person.

This game is very interesting because the hero of this game will be using different methods to resolve their problems. He can use his fists or shoot at him with any weapon that he has the property. All the tools will be used to defeat an enemy no matter where you are.

Beat the Boss 4 Apk

There is also a feature in this game, which allows you to enter the mode called “Buddy”. This is a feature that promises you all the weapons and items to fight your boss with one tap of your finger on it. Also, there are additional features such as being able to run faster than any other character so that you have time for anything whenever your enemies are chasing You have two options during the fighting, either you are standing still wherever you are and shoot at the boss, or you’re running for your life.


Beating bosses will be more challenging in this game because the time is limited. It is necessary to kill bosses as soon as possible so that the time will not run out. If you need more time to finish boss, just select the boss you are going to torture, or drag and drop the boss you want to torture and beat him again.

As I have said, each boss has a set of special techniques that can be used in combat with them, if you do not know what they are, just read the description on the screen. You can also read the instructions to learn how to use a new weapon, or get help from the tutorial.

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Beat The Boss 4 Features:

Boss Torture Time – Beat your boss in 5 minutes only!

Drag & Drop Bosses – Drag and drop bosses in front of you, then torture them

Customizable Weapons – A variety of weapons with different characteristics.

More than 20 bosses – Each boss has a special technique that can be used during combat.

3 Different Game Modes – Classic, Hard, and Extra Hard

Easy Gameplay Control – Tap on the screen to touch and swipe to move

High-Quality Graphics – Easy to play and beautiful to look

Unlimited Money – Buy and sell any weapon or item in-game to upgrade your equipment

Over 30 Levels – Each level is more difficult than the previous one.

Graphics And Sound:

The game is very addictive so you will definitely be able to keep it as a regular activity, as long as you have enough time to play. Overall, it is an ideal game for those who want to kill time. The beat the boss series has always been popular among gamers. The graphics and sound quality are both good in this new version of the game. In addition, it has improved compared to previous versions.

Beat the Boss 4 Mod Apk

What’s more, the game is fun and addictive. Overall, it is an ideal game for those who like to kill time. In this game, you play a video game called “Beat the Boss 4 Mod Apk” that offers several modes. The first mode, “Puzzle mode,” is for players who want to challenge their skills. For this mode, the player has to complete all the puzzles.

It is an easy game for anyone to play. You can also find the “Time Attack” mode in which you can set your own goals. You have to beat the boss with various weapons in the shortest amount of time. This mode is also suitable for those who enjoy competitive games. The last game mode is “Arcade Mode.


Beat The Boss 4 is a very addictive game that offers players the chance to unleash their inner revenge and take revenge on those who have wronged them. There are a number of modes in which players will have the opportunity to play through the game. Players will have the option to choose one of them. In this mode, the game is simple to play and can be finished in just a few minutes. Players will be given a clear and concise tutorial, and players will only have to play through the basic stages of the game. The game is also designed to be easy to learn.

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