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If you are a big fan of period dramas and movies then Grow Castle Mod Apk is game which will quench your thirst...
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If you are a big fan of period dramas and movies then Grow Castle Mod Apk is game which will quench your thirst of becoming an invincible commander who never fails to protect his homeland from the attack of throngs, who are attacking your country to smash your kingdom into pieces. These barbaric hordes have smashed all the nearby lands and now heading towards your land. They have already destroyed all your bases on way and now your castle is the only one standing their way. Your castle is the only hope of your people who are already afraid of becoming rotten meat on the hands of these hordes. You need to steadfast as not to destroy their hopes and save them from the advancing troops and battalion.

A Word About Tower Defence – Grow Castle MOD

Usually, the gamers who play the tower defence games feel that these games tend to be passive rather than active because they mostly have to defend their territory so gameplay should be designed let the players feel active rather than passive. These games should start simple and then with time they should increase their complexity to keep the interest of gamers captured by the game. RAON GAMES have focused much on this on this point and seem like they have succeeded in developing the game according to the interest of the gamers because Grow Castle Mod Apk has more than 10 million downloads. A lot of users have given 4 stars and reviews are also very impressive.


Grow Castle Apk is an action arcade game in which you find yourself in a hostile battlefield where hordes are deliberately attacking your kingdom to shatter your defence and smash your kingdom into pieces. They have fully equipped skilful soldiers they are fully prepared to take you down as they have already destroyed your bases. Now you are only left with a castle to defend if they succeeded in taking over your castle then you are done with. You have to put all your efforts to defend this castle. Dead or alive, you must defend this castle otherwise enemies will be able to get into your capital and destroy your kingdom.

Strategize your Defence

They say that good strategy helps you win wars. You need to come up with more tactics and strategies to fail the attack of your enemies. Your timely orders, in time promotion of the soldiers, placement of your archers and recruitment of new soldiers will make your defence invincible. Kill more soldiers to get more points which will help you to rebuild your castle later.

Choose troops with unique skills

You can choose from multiple units with unique skills to keep your enemies at an arm’s length. Their unique skills combined with your war tactics and awesome formations of the troops will take your enemies off guard. You need to just choose wisely and make good use of their skills to efficiently defend your castle. Make timely use of their skills to fend off your enemies. They have unique and dangerous skills like magician army can freeze the enemies, stoner can stone the enemies to death and thunderstorms created by wizards will send your enemies running for their lives. You can also curse your enemies so they will never think about destroying your homeland.

Graphics and sound effects

Although the characters in Grow Castle Mod Apk do not have faces they still give you the feel of real soldiers. Simple 2D graphics of Grow Castle Mod Apk is in sharp contrast with today’s 3D graphics but its sound effects are awesome. The booming sound of explosions and clanging sound of swords gives you the feel of a real battlefield.

Acceleration of difficulty

If you are successful in defending the first wave of attack then the next wave will have more enemies and attack at a faster rate. You need to attack them faster to destroy them with each passing wave attacks will be more powerful and faster. You need to steadfast and make strategies swiftly to block their attacks and make your defence indestructible.

Build your castle

You can build your castle to accommodate more troops with the points and gold coins. You can increase the height of the walls of the castle and make them untraversable and is penetrable by the enemies. Make the doors of your castle enigmatic and difficult to be solved and broken. You can hire more soldiers and miners to dig mines and attack your enemies from behind. Best grow castle build will make your castle defence foolproof. Best grow castle build will leave no loop holes for your enemies to invade and destroy your castle.

Spread your castle

Unlike other tower defence games Grow Castle Modded version not only gives you unlimited gold coins and unlocked levels but also provides you with a chance to grow your kingdom and spread your castle. Hire soldiers to search for gold. You can spread your castle and make it stronger, build guilds and get the cooperation of neighbouring kingdoms to defeat the enemies.

Invincible commanders

In Grow Castle Mod Apk you can also get invincible commanders with unique abilities, brutal and intricate skills who can change the fate of any battle with their presence. You have 120 commanders to choose from.

Play on a global level

You can play Grow Castle Mod Apk with any player from anywhere and improve your global ranking by completing different tasks and defending your castle from vigorous waves of attacks. You can brag about your war skills to your friends and surprise them with your tactics.

Internet connection is not mandatory

Just simply play entertaining and captivating Grow Castle Mod Apk game anywhere at any time. You do not need to depend on the availability of the internet. You need not worry about your progress because your rank will be automatically updated as soon as you connect with your internet. Your progress can also be saved on the cloud.

Play Grow Castle on PC   

You can not only play this game on your android devices but you can also play the exciting Grow Castle Apk on your PC. You just need to install emulator to play this game on PC.

Grow Castle Cheats

As you successfully defeat the waves of attack you get a diamond but the number of enemy troops and their speed of attack also increases. You need to continuously rebuild your castle and upgrade your troops to defeat your enemies. Grow Castle Apk Mod will provide you Grow castle cheats to help you defend your castle from hordes successfully.

Features of Grow Castle Mod Apk:

  • A wide variety of troops with intricate and unique skills
  • Its intuitive gameplay will help you to play this game if you find it difficult
  • Rebuild your castle to make it invincible
  • Recruit soldiers to collect gold coin
  • Simple controls
  • Simple graphics with uproarious sound effects to give you a feel of the real battlefield
  • Up-gradation of your units with points and gold coins
  • Robust heroes with ruinous skills
  • You can check your global ranking
  • Save your achievements with Google cloud
  • Free to download
  • You can play offline
  • Age limit 12+


  • Android 4.1 or up
  • 41 Mb storage space needed
  • No-root needed
  • Allow your device to download Grow Castle Mod Apk from unknown sources
  • If you want to play Grow castle on PC then emulator is also required

Final Verdict – Grow Castle Mod Apk

Having an opportunity to defend your kingdom with your power and abilities is a great deal of honor. If you don’t want to miss this strategic and exhilarating game of defending your homeland then download Grow Castle Mod Apk to show your heroic moves and become an unbeatable commander.

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