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Enter the journey to discover the mysterious castle. You must be a gem enthusiast capable of solving puzzles. Jewels Magic MOD Apk puzzles will be set to challenge your intelligence. You have to arrange the gems into matching shapes. The game will give you 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5 grid squares where you have to put the gems. The only rules are you can’t rearrange the existing gems and you can’t create a new shape with the same number of sides as any of the existing shapes. Matching more than 3 shapes will score you a point. The first player to reach the target point value of 20, and have all of their gem shapes arranged into matching groups of 3 or more, will be the winner.

Jewels Magic MOD Apk:

It’s time to embark on an exciting journey to the magical land. In order to help you reach your goal, Jewels Magic has made its way into your hands. Jewels Magic is a game with a special kind of spirit that will make you want to play this game again and again. The more you play, the more you get to discover the magical world.

Jewels Magic MOD Apk

This is the best way to improve your brainpower. Solving puzzles is the best way to improve your brainpower. By the way, this is not an ordinary match-three type of game. The puzzles have specific properties. For example, some will require you to select and combine three or more identical symbols (such as hearts) while others will require you to choose different symbols and then match them in sequence.

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