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King of Defense: Battle Frontier is a special tower defense game. The combination of turrets improves the tactics for the player.
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King Of Defense Mod Apk Plays the main character, who is an ordinary human being living in The Dwart Kingdom with his family, but he gets enlisted into an army because of his special skills of slaying demons. He will get involved with the fight against The Nagath who are trying to destroy everything on their way with their demonic forces which are getting stronger every minute.

The King Of Defense apk has plenty of monsters that are waiting for you to discover them all! You can get them through summoning or by fighting in PVP (Player versus Player) battles with other players. You can collect every monster you want but only a few will become your friends and follow you into battle!

In this game, you will have the opportunity to summon more than 100 types of powerful knights to help you combat all kinds of demons in King Of Defense.  Every monster has a special skill for different fights with various enemies. The more monsters join your squad, the stronger they get! You can upgrade their level, enhance them with skills and equipment, so be sure to manage them carefully.

Story King Of Defense Mod Apk:

King Of Defense: Battle Frontier takes place in The Dwart Kingdom, a kingdom of the human world. For a few millennia ago, The Dwart Kingdom was one of the greatest kingdoms of the entire human civilization.

King Of Defense Apk

This place is considered as the center of the whole human civilization, and everyone is very proud of this. Many people come to this place to start the peaceful life they want. Residents are enjoying a quiet life and working to live in this city. But one day, The Nagath rebelled and attacked The Dwart Kingdom to take this place. They use their magical powers to summon the demons.

The story starts when the main character’s family gets killed for no apparent reason. He starts to find clues to find his parents’ murderers, but he also discovers he possesses a magical power that is very rare in this human world. The ability to use magic makes him one of the prominent figures in the army because he can support his team by summoning powerful monsters that are stronger than any other demon or knight present.

How to play King Of Defense:

King Of Defense is an action game in which the main character fights against dozens of demon forces to save humanity from eternal darkness.  You can play this game with your friends or other players online. Summon various hero units based on the number of secret scrolls you have in hand, learn skills and upgrade them to make your unit more powerful! King Of Defense Mod Apk

Select hero units that are suitable for different situations during the battle in this exciting defense game. Fight your way through hundreds of dungeons filled with dangerous enemies and find out why they attacked The Dwart Kingdom.

If you succeed, peace will be restored to this land again! This will help you get coins, items, and equipment necessary for building your powerful squad which consists mainly of heroes of the King Of Defense game.

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You can develop your heroes by using swords, bows, or magic spells to defeat enemies. You have to carefully select their strengths and weaknesses in order to balance them between melee, ranged, or magic attacks. Try different strategies with the assistance of heroes that are specially designed for this purpose!

King Of Defense Mod Apk

Features of Of Defense Mod:

  • There is no time limit
  • You can summon as many heroes as you want!
  • You can level up your heroes and make them even stronger with special items.  Just try it now! King Of Defense Mod Apk
  • Start the adventure and fight against different enemies, including bosses. You will always be challenged by new monsters and tasks!
  • Defeat every enemy in the game and earn lots of gold!
  • Collect all kinds of equipment to make your heroes stronger. Upgrade your special skills to help you win difficult battles.

Final Thoughts:

After a short introduction above, we can conclude that King Of Defense Mod Apk is one of the best offline games you can play. You don’t need to worry about expensive fees if you want to experience a better gaming experience. This game gives you a variety of content and features for free. In addition, you can play this game with your friends! It’s exciting because each time an enemy appears, there will be different heroes helping you fight for victory! Download King Of Defense Mod Apk without hesitation and build your ultimate team now!

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