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Life After Mod Apk is a new Adventure RPG game with simulation elements being developed by “Lonely Few LLC”. As you are probably able to tell from the name, it’s about what happens after zombies have taken over. You will play as many different survivors that come into contact with each other in various ways – some good and some bad. It features permadeath so if your character dies, they’re dead for good… unless of course you have the body part necessary to resurrect them!

The game itself has two states: Daytime and Nighttime. During the Daytime, you will manage supplies, items, gear, jobs, missions etc; all while making sure that life apk your base camp is running properly (if this is where you’re located). During the Nighttime, you will send out a team of survivors (chosen by you) to scavenge and search for supplies and items to help with your survival. If you do not make it back before sunrise, they will be gone for good.

Features of life after mod apk

  • The most realistic water simulation ever achieved in a videogame.
  • New atmospheric fog system which adds coldness to high altitude areas and chilliness to low altitude ones.
  • Improved HDR lighting, bloom and FX very close to what you can see in real life during the day time. (No photo filter on the other hand.)
  • Over 100 new sound effects added such as birds, cicadas and crickets chirping, sea shore waves crashing into rocks, foxes barking at night among many others.
  • Now with more weathers like: Foggy conditions, misty conditions (including dense and lightfog), wind and gales and torrential rain storms.
  •  Longer animal lifespan , fish lifespan and shorter generation times.
  • Fruit trees generate more fruit (For example if you plant a tree which bears 100 fruits per season now, after the mod it would give you at least 150 fruits).
  •  Many bugs fixed like the ones that caused CTDs, game freezes or weird behavior.
  • No primary needs. You can stay outside for as long without getting thirsty or hungry. However remember to eat and drink whenever you feel like it just because your character feels good doesn’t mean he/she is healthy!
  •  A full featured sleep system with configurable sleeping bags, bivouacs, tents available in many colors and camouflages to suit anyone’s taste even WW2 military units fit right in!
  • New and improved weather conditions and times
  • Accurate seasons with real world weather patterns
  • Proper daylight hours according to season and latitude
  • Improved water flow, color, speed, transparency and quantity for all bodies of water in the game world.
  • Beaches have been tweaked to be much more enjoyable especially during Summer months where you can take extended walks on the beach without having to jump over piles of driftwood everywhere!

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Build the final home

you always wanted in any part of the map. Amazing looking detached houses, castles, manors, palaces or whatever you choose to build your fantasies are now possible with Build Anywhere!

You can place furniture inside while playing life after mod apk buildings where it makes sense like stoves in kitchens for example.

Every building material has its own unique qualities so depending on what kind of home you wish to build certain materials would suit better than others. For example the high end Boarding House Wood is pretty much unmatched if your house is long range from civilization and prone to strong weather conditions as this wood type is especially resistant against rot and insects.


Hello, friends. You may download the latest Life After Mod Apk and check out the new free stuff. Prepare to face off against all zombies with distinct abilities and weapons. Make genuine, heartfelt pals who will assist you in any scenario and help you achieve top place on the leaderboard. Use the comment area if you encounter difficulties. We are constantly here to assist you. Please continue to enjoy the game with us.



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