Mobile Data Not Working on Android [Issue Fixed]

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When Mobile data not working all the sudden? In this guide, we’ve shared a couple of best approaches to solve cellular data not working on Android. Mobile Data or Cellular data is one of these things that soon becomes a requirement after buying a new smartphone. Although now folks decide to link to the net via WiFi, nevertheless there are tons of users that would rather use mobile data. how do I fix my mobile data not working? The very first thing you must see is my mobile data is on but not working. Most of us very upset when my mobile data is on but not working android.

Cellular data, mobile data, anything you would like to call it, is one of these things. It just becomes a lifetime requirement as soon as you get your smartphone. It is just once you eliminate connectivity which you realize you do not understand how to get anywhere without Google Maps, do not have a thing to browse without Flipboard, also do not understand how to communicate with individuals through any medium other than WhatsApp. Here we are going to discuss the data connection problem in android mobile. When mobile data stops working on Android, it is world-shattering, to put it differently. Below are a few hints about how best to receive it back. Mobile Data Not Working

Must Check When Mobile Internet not working on android

Here are a few things you can attempt to fix this data connectivity issue

  1. Make sure you have a network connection and carrier sim card is inserted properly
  2. Go to Settings > Data Utilization and make sure mobile data is assessed and there is no data limitation blocking option in any parameter
  3. Go to Settings > More networks > Mobile networks > Access point titles and make sure you have your own Carrier chosen (For many APN settings)
  4. Every carrier has its own APN info and setting. Do work according to the information provided by the carrier. It works when Mobile Data Not Working
  5. If You’re still not having any connectivity from the data connection, contact your network carrier for resolving the data not working

How to fix the issue

There are many methods on how to fix the issue but we are going to discuss the most useful and applicable methods.

1. Check signal strength

First of all, check the signal bars on the top right corner of your cellphone. Sometimes we do not concentrate on signal strength even when we switch to any other remote location.

2. Data Limit issue/When mobile data not working

And let us be honest, a lot of people would have taken allowed to ramble without keeping tabs on their data usage. Hence, in case mobile data not working on your Android cellphone, then this can be just one potential reason behind this. The only situation where you do not need to think about that is when you have an unlimited data plan.

To check if you have improved your mobile data limit for the day, month or week, go to your phone’s preferences. From that point, tap the “Data usage” at which you’ll locate the data you have consumed in a particular span of time. In case you did attain your data limit, it is ideal to speak with your carriers to repay the invoice. If you did not, then you may need to keep searching for options that may result in your mobile data to quit working.

mobile data not working on android

3. Turn on/off Airplane Mode

If a phone was at a location where no signal or feeble network connection to get some moment, it’d endure for precisely the exact same status without indication too. After turning the Airplane Mode for a couple of seconds, switch it off, then search for a signal back again. When there’s a good network requirement, mobile data may work properly and back to the original speed.

4. Try to restart your phone/When Mobile Data Not Working

This fix may appear to be simple, but sometimes, simple is all you want to make it work when Mobile Data Not Working. A trick a few folks see to work at a lot of instances is turning their mobile phones with Airplane Mode on. To do so go to settings and tap “Wireless Networks” or”Connections.” From that point, change on Airplane mode and turn off your phone. Wait around for half a minute and then turn your mobile phone back.

Go to exactly the very same settings segment and then turn off Airplane mode. Some time is something stuck in the background. Turning your phone on and off may fix that issue by cleaning ram.

5. Disable WiFi and Bluetooth

Similar to the Wi-Fi problem, using Bluetooth enabled has also been known to influence cellular relations on Android along with iPhone and iOS tablets.

When Mobile Data Not Working this should not occur, but occasionally it will, particularly on elderly iPhone versions. The Wi-Fi net has been known to interfere with cellular network connectivity thus turning off it might enable you to get your cellular data back again. You can play with that it may be fixed that.

6. Re-insert sim card

Another way to fix this problem is by re-inserting your SIM card means first remove and then put that into the phone again. From time to time, rebooting or resetting the communication between your phone and SIM card is sufficient to fix many mobile data problems. Do notice that you should turn off your phone before removing your SIM card.

Once that total shutdown, wait for 30 minutes and re-insert your own SIM card. Turn your smartphone back, wait for your phone to reconnect with networks. After that, check if your cellular data issue was fixed.

7. Update your operating software

Hit the setting option and scroll down there will be an option of about software check for update. Tap the software update and make sure your software is up to date with the latest date.

8. Reset Your APN and change protocol

APN included in these are significant settings such as the IP address and the gateway settings necessary to connect you to the net. When mobile data not properly working As critical as they are, they are still bound to cause several issues at some point or another. When that occurs, you may reset your APN and then see whether it fixes your mobile data issues.

To reset your APN, you have to first go to settings. After that, go to the section where you are able to change your settings.

When you’re at the section, select”Mobile Networks” then tap”Access Point Names.” After doing this, you need to be able to see the listing of APNs saved on your mobile phone. When you do, then go to the menu on your display and choose “Reset to Default”. It is the most useful and perfect solution when the internet not working on mobile.

9. Clear the Cache

Sometimes! The cache is an issue and mobile devices caused an issue while loading data. So, it is a good practice you should switch to phone storage and clear cache which is loaded on the system memory and caused slow speed.

10. Unlock Phone

If your phone is locked to its initial carrier, it may not work with a SIM card from a different company. In cases like this, you will want to unlock it for it to use mobile data correctly. It largely induced for iPhone apparatus and so that why folks prefer mill unlocked handset.

11. Factory Reset if Mobile Data Not Working

In very rare cases when we putting full effort and yet the phone is not working. It may be caused by any software or application issue which are currently installed into the cellphone. So, an extreme attempt of that is to reset your phone in a factory setting. This option is mostly available in the setting >> Security Setting >> and then click on Phone and content reset.


Hopefully, this is an issue you won’t need to face quite often but if you do, you now understand what to do to connect it. Sometimes when mobile data not working Remember it may also be your cellular carrier which may be having troubles so that you may want to check into that also at first. Did I overlook any suggestions you use to repair mobile data not functioning on your own Android apparatus? Leave your answer from the comment below. I will happy to participate in this useful discussion.

You can get help from video tutorial if mobile data yet not working anymore


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