How to Play iPhone iOS game on PC [Step by Step]

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Always one question came in our mind which is how to play iOS game on PC. Today we are going to discuss and will tell you to step by step procedure how you will be able. If not then you may be overwhelmed by the iPhone of your friend or someone else. Is not it? Well, it’s a fact with several men and women! Since not all people may buy an iOS device that includes phones and tablets. One common criticism we all had together with the developers of Windows is that the access to a limited number of apps at its store.

Following Google Play, the Apple store is your second-largest heart of mobile apps. Hence, one of the motives behind its popularity globally! But do you understand that anyone can get iPhone apps on a PC? Yes, it’s possible, and also the best part is you don’t have to buy some iOS devices for precisely the same. You will run iOS apps on PC. One question that came in our mind can blue stacks run iOS games.

Play iOS game on PC

Use iOS Emulator to play iOS games on PC

There are many emulators which are used to iPhone games on PC. We are going to discuss and brief them separately.

11 are the most useful emulator which are going to be discussed below. First of all, I want to let you know about what is Emulator?

Generally, an emulator refers to hardware or software that enables a computer system to act like a different computer system. Thus, an iOS emulator refers to the software that runs on Windows also enables users to make an electronic iOS cellular operating system. Employing an iOS emulator it’s possible to set up iOS programs and runs match exactly like how you’d have completed in an iPhone.

11 Emulators Are:

  1. iPhone Simulator
  2. SmartFace
  3. Air iPhone
  4. iPadian
  5. Mobi OneStudio
  8. Xamarin TestFlight
  9. Remoted iOS Simulator
  10. Electric Mobile Studio
  11. iMame

2 Methods Play iOS game on PC

Here are two popular methods of playing iOS games on your system.

how to play ios games on pc free

i). Mirror your iPhone/iPad to PC

With this procedure, you’ll require a tool FonePaw ScreenMo, which can be an easy-to-use and potent means to mirror your own iPhone/iPad for your PC. With the recorder, you can understand your iPhone/iPad screen in your big-screen PC.

To accomplish it, here are 6 steps that you follow:

1. Download FonePaw ScreenMo onto a Laptop/PC.

2. You should connect your iPhone or iPad with the same WiFi network

3. Open recorder on your PC or Laptop

4. Open a game or app just like Angry Birds on your iPhone

5. In your own iPhone/iPad screen, pull the Control Center, click on the Airplay icon and choose the Airplay title of this app. The Airplay attribute can be found on iOS 4.2 and over.

6. You can now begin playing your own iOS games and apps while still watching the screen on a PC.

If you’d like to list your gameplay or the performance of an app, it is possible to click on the red button on the right of the program to begin recording, and prevent it by pressing the same button, then together with all the green numbers in addition to revealing just how long you’re recorded.

ii). iOS Emulator

We have already discussed Emulator briefly and here we are going to tell the method how to play ios games on PC

Among the very common-used emulator is iPadian, a viable tool to change a Windows PC to a platform encouraging iOS games and apps, charging for 20 US dollars. That having been said, iPadian has a fatal flaw: it’s more of simulation compared to an emulator–just a limited quantity of iOS apps and games are permitted to run within iPadian. Put differently, the apps or games you’d love to use might not be accessible iPadian, thus there’s absolutely not any doubt that procedure 1 is a better choice.

Here are steps that you play iPhone games on PC with iPadian:

  1. First of all download Padian on PC or Laptop
  2. Launch iPadian, then you’ll see there’s an iPad interface appearing on your PC.
  3. Download a sport or a program within iPadian’s App Store, and then you may play it on your PC precisely the exact same in your iPad/iPhone, but now you’re using your mouse rather than fingers.

This is the most common and useful method which mostly iOS users apply to play the iOS game on a PC.

iphone simulator iOS game on PC

Final Verdict

Above we have discussed 11 emulators and these were some of their finest iOS emulators for PC. You may try these emulators on your own PC one at a time. Finalize the one which you believe is more suitable and play iOS matches on your PC seamlessly. Whether there aren’t any followup questions, then do place them in the remarks below. We’ll be more than pleased to assist you. I will appreciate your great feedback thanks again.

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