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You are tasked with helping them to find food, start homes and build new colonies; all while protecting your queen from enemy insects. This Pocket Ants Mod Apk includes termites and spiders, who you battle using weapons such as soldier ants and fire!

Pocket Ants is an interesting strategy game in which you are tasked with protecting your queen ant against all the odds. You can make use of various weapons, props, and upgrades to boost your chances of success. All you have to do is select a mission that you have to complete within the time limit. If you win the mission, then that’s great! However, if you fail then it’s game over for you!

Gameplay of pocket Ants Mod Apk

You can also make use of these ants to help you to collect resources, start homes and new colonies; all with the aim of protecting your queen. You can battle against other insects such as spiders and termites. When you engage in combat, both sides take turns attacking each other until one side is defeated. This includes using weapons like soldier ants and fire!

Pocket Ants Mod Apk features

Throughout the game, you will come across various types of gaming modes that include:

Campaign Mode – this where you go through various levels conquering tasks along the way. You can also upgrade items between missions by spending crystals which is another resource that you will need to collect throughout the game.

Free Mode – this is where you can play any of the levels that have already been unlocked in Campaign mode.

Battle Mode – this is where you can fight against other animals by yourself or with another player. You will also unlock new ants when starting Battle mode for the first time.

Pocket Ants Mod Apk 1.0.59 APK Unlimited Money

You have to take good care of your ants, because if they die in battle then that is it! You will have lost them for good! Make sure that you use the best weapons and armor when taking on enemies so that you can increase their chances of survival.

If you are looking for a new strategy game which features cartoon graphics, thenPocket Ants Apk is worth trying out.

Pro Tips:

·          You can get gold by completing missions and winning battles. This is also a good way to get extra crystals so that you can upgrade items in the game! For example, if your weapon isn’t quite powerful enough, then you may want to upgrade it so that you stand a better chance of survival during battle.

·          You will need to work quickly during battles as the Fury bar will help determine how much damage enemies do to yourPocket Ants Mod Apk. The higher the Fury meter goes, the more damage they will deal!

·          If you are struggling with certain levels or tasks within Campaign mode, then there is always Free Mode which allows you to play all of the unlocked levels. This saves having to complete the same levels again and again.

·          You can also play Battle mode with a friend or another player. This is where you unlock new ants and expand your army, so make sure that you look after them!

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