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Prey Day: The Zombie Apocalypse (MOD, Immortality)  apk- the zombie action narrative of which takes place in a certain city where an epidemic has broken out, the virus of which transformed people into walking corpses and now leaves few survivors defending their lives. Instead, the protagonist awakens in a hospital bed surrounded by mountains of bodies and blood.

To stay alive, you must ally with the survivors and establish a foothold in one of your houses while foraging for food and supplies to build weapons. The game is part of the prey mod series, and it has several similar features to previous games in the franchise. It’s a hybrid role-playing/strategy Prey Day Mod apk with adventure elements that have been watered down. The game’s visuals are quite outstanding.

Prey Day Apk Story:

In 2033, a global pandemic caused the deaths of half the world’s population. A virus known as the Deadly Plague is infecting people at an alarming rate. There are no drugs to treat this illness in humans. The sick will perish, but they won’t really die; instead, they’ll become immortal zombies who continue to seek viable hosts to consume and spread the infection.

The world has descended into utter chaos, with people losing all faith. Others are ready to stab you at any moment, whether you’re a zombie or not. Now is the time for you to discover weapons and join the resistance movement in order to take part in the battle against zombies. Remember that no one should be trusted.

Fight for Survival:

The game takes place on Prey Day Apk, which is a fictitious holiday that occurred in 2032. The player’s task in Prey Day: Survival is simply to survive. Hunger and thirst are important issues to bear in mind, as well as maintaining an equilibrium between food and water intake at all times. In the city, there are numerous meals, drinks, and other necessities available; Must find them before others if you want to live. You can create weapons or vital items using basic materials for your journey. You may even build a safe haven that will shield you from the elements outside of your home.

Prey Day apk

Prey Day Mod Apk Features:

Open Online World: Prey Day is an open-world RPG that allows players of all skill levels to participate. Within the game, collaboration and communication are required. Meet new people, form teams, work together, and defend against the zombie apocalypse.

Take up arms with your friends and create a Clan to conquer the zombie menace. To increase your chances of vanquishing the zombies, work together to obtain a variety of unique items and abilities. Establish yourself as a powerful force by taking refuge in military bunkers and building an effective team against any adversity.

Next, the collection plays a significant role in your Prey Day mod apk. You’ll need to utilize the things you acquire to create new weapons and equipment. Develop your shelter, acquire additional recipes for crafting, and amass an ultimate armory!

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Changes in Equipment and Weapons:

Crossbows now include poison bolts, which may cause significant damage!
Your arsenal has also been expanded with the addition of the SPAS-12 auto shotgun. This, together with some new gear to enjoy.
Now, whenever you apply status effects such as burn or poison, there will be a notice to that effect.


The game has a lot in common with the earlier parts of the franchise, and it also includes some changes. Crafting is now simpler, and there’s only one type of character. The visible armor helps to create a more realistic impression: everything hangs on your body and doesn’t just magically appear when you get dressed. There are three slots for clothing: head gear, upper clothes, and lower clothes.

There are also some noticeable technical improvements such as smooth camera movement while exploring the world and an improved character animation system that allows players to see their characters from all angles.

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Combat mechanics have been upgraded too: weapons can be easily switched by tapping Q or E (by default), which lets you adjust your tactics depending on the enemies’ behavior in combat. In addition, the inventory has been improved and now supports sorting.

Final Verdict:

Thanks to the enhanced mechanics, Prey Day: Survival is a more challenging and interesting game. Whether you’re a fan of this franchise or simply want to try something new, there’s no reason not to give it a spin. You can download it from the Play Store by clicking on the button below this article!



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