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In Random Dice Mod Apk, you are tasked with using dice towers to defend yourself against attacking enemies by setting up towers with various abilities. The higher the dice tower gets when you merge the same dice type and number.

However, remember this! As soon as they are merged, the type of tower changes! You’ll have to fight off your opponents for longer and longer as you keep fending them off.

Different strategies can be applied depending on the deck of your opponent. Create your most potent and most powerful PvP deck by mixing and matching dice.

Random Game of dice hack

You will be continually attacked by your opponents in Random Dice: PvP Defense, along with building your initial strength. Consequently, you must keep setting up your dice to be able to defeat your opponents.

In addition, practice overwhelming your opponents’ decks with crucial attacks to help you win.

Compared to other games, this one has a reasonable level of ads. From my experience, I have learned that everything takes time.

There are not enough quests, and I’m confused by the clan system. Getting into the game, however, makes it an enjoyable one. There are only a few games per day.

Exciting Features Random Dice Mod Apk

Check out the main features in the following section of this exciting and exciting game:

Different levels and modes – Random Dice offers several game modes. Beginner players should try classic PvP, where you have to defeat waves of enemies while competing with another player.

Whoever misses three opponents first loses. As well as the cooperative mode, the project supports multiplayer. The two players in concert will destroy a typical wave of powerful enemies.

Defining your role is possible here. During a die roll, your opponent may place dice that do damage to the field. To support him, you can place a cube that contains passive abilities and auras.

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Graphics and Sound Effects – A board game drawn on paper, with minimalist graphics and animations. Behind the modest visuals lies deep, entertaining gameplay where you have to improve every second to reach certain heights.

Sound effects of Random Dice Mod Apk are present but do not play much of a role when compared against other games that rely heavily upon them like “Fortnite,” for instance!

Unite ad Conquer – Random Dice: PvP Defense is a dice collecting card game with cubes combined to make more substantial versions. You order dices, combine them for an opportunity of getting rarer ones and improve your units in many ways as well!

The randomness comes at the bottom right corner, where it shows what cube was used when combining two or more sets; this information doesn’t affect gameplay but gives some insight into how these combinations were made.


I’ve always been a fan of tower defense games, but Random Dice Mod Apk stands out. The game has so many original concepts, and it just seems like the developer had fun creating this app.

There are other tower defenders available for download on my phone, but they feel derivative compared to Offline Random Dice Mod Apk.

It’s unfortunate because these copycat developers often make changes to their towers so that you have no choice but to pay them if you want your defenses intact. But with Offline Random Dice Mod Apk, I don’t see it as a “pay-to-win” game at all!

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