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When caring for your cat and playing mini-games has become too boring, the only way to make things interesting again is to add new and more interesting themes. That’s what’s happened with Talking Tom Gold Run MOD Apk. After the success of the first version, the developers have continued to work on the app and today there are many new features and mini-games available.

Talking Tom Gold Run is a fun Endless Runner platformer with a difference. In this game, you play as Talking Tom, and one beautiful morning you discover two raccoons breaking into your house and taking your gold. You must chase the bandits to regain the stolen gold and then use it to rebuild your home. It’s a very different story from Talking Tom Hero Dash but the gameplay is the same.

An endless runner game Talking Tom Gold Run MOD Apk:

My Talking Tom is a game that is clear, easy to understand, and has very basic controls. Based on that simple premise, My Talking Tom: Gold Rush is even easier to play. Notice there are many obstacles like trucks, fences, or walls, you can use them to your advantage if you do not want Tom to fall and have to play again from the beginning. There are also many coins littered along the road for Tom to collect.

From the very first seconds, I thought of Subway Surfer while playing this game. The gameplay and the train tracks are similar but this game goes through so many different environments that it leaves an indelible impression on your mind and body. You’ll be endlessly chasing after Tom for as long as you live.


As soon as Tom sees the police car approaching he stops playing, pulls out his cell phone, and dials 911. The police come in and find out about the robbery at a bank across town, and they ask him to take them there so they can catch the robber and bring him to justice.

Talking Tom Gold Run MOD Apk

Join Tom as he embarks on his latest adventure as he chases a gold thief who has stolen the bag of gold. Along the way, golds are being dropped, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

You play as Tom Cat who must rescue his precious gold from the evil cat burglar who is trying to steal them! The game is filled with fun challenges and obstacles to overcome as you help your Tom Cat cat reach the goal of collecting all the gold.

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Enjoy the game with your favorite Talking Tom characters

The new Talking Tom game is an exciting chance for you to play with your favorite characters like Tom, Angela, Ginger, Hank, Ben, and many others. You’ll be playing with your favorite characters in the free-roaming adventure as they overcome incredible challenges and obstacles.


With its easy-to-use interface and addicting, interactive sound experiences, this is a great choice for any gamer who wants to quickly get a quick breather from his or her daily grind. Although it’s a simple game, it packs a surprising amount of depth and features. The music changes with each new area Tom travels through and the sound effects add immeasurably to the overall experience. What We Love About This Game.

Talking Tom Gold Run for iPhone is one of the best endless runner games available on the App Store. With this app you can unlock over 90 achievements, you can play with multiple characters like Tom, Angela, Ginger, Hank, Ben, and many others. You can also listen to more than 60 original songs and 5 amazing soundtracks while playing. This game will keep you entertained for hours and is an absolute must-download for any Talking Tom fan. This is the first Talking Tom game with multiplayer support! You can now connect with your Facebook friends and play together in real-time!

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