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Read comics and short stories on your Android device! Webtoon Mod Apk has the largest library of web-comic content, with over 23 genres to choose from. You can read romantic tales about two lovers that first met in college or after they graduated.

Horror adventures featuring vampires at night when all is quiet except for howling wind outside someone’s window… you’ll find everything here waiting just for YOU!


One of the world’s most popular forms, comics have emerged stronger than ever before and are now beloved by people all over. Thanks to Japan’s Manga industry which has grown into an international leader in this field.

Korean readers can easily tell how dynamic things really are when comparing their own country’s Mangwa (Korean) scene or US counterpart American comic books webtoon screenshot.

With such fierce competition abroad coupled with bold steps taken here at home, Korea stands out as one that is leading both domestically & globally while balancing creativity against commerce without sacrificing any quality.

Genres Webtoon Mod Apk

Knowing the different genres of each story will help you find what types of stories appeal most to your taste. For example, if looking for a romance novel, Webtoon could be perfect since it has been proven that this genre sells well in general among female readers with over 40%.

A great way to figure out which type or category something falls into and learn about specific sub-genres within those categories!

Drama – A lost love, a broken friendship, and a tested sense of emotions. All of these scenarios can be experienced in drama. A character will never know what will happen next because what comes next is unpredictable.

Fantasy – Find out what it’s like to live in a brand new world. You are about to enter a world, unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Reality and realism are tested by fantasy. Immerse yourself in a story you have only imagined in dreams and escape your everyday life.

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Action – The category of these scenes includes surreal, explosive, and testy action scenes. When you read these exciting stories, your blood will pump, and your adrenaline will rush.

Comedy – Comedic, dramatic, and funny memes. There are several items in this category, including the following. Therefore, you should visit the Comedy section if you want to have a good laugh.

Thriller – Investigations, suspense, and excitement. Further, everything in the Thriller category will get your heart rate skyrocketing and your mind racing.
Superhero – Those who possess bigger-than-life abilities. Through their powers, they can make a difference in the world. See what stories the Gods of the universe have to tell. Our society is protected, defended, or destroyed by those who choose one of those. Morality and justice are true tests in superhero stories.
Romance – The best quality in a woman is smoothness, seduction, and elusiveness. In this category, you’ll find everything related to romance and relationships. Assist in witnessing the unfolding of unexpected love.
Slice of Life – There is something to be seen in everyday life too. See how ordinary people like us live a good life. You can enjoy things that are small when you listen to Slice of Life. Throughout this genre, there are life lessons to be learned.


The Webtoon Mod Apk consists of various stories, including fables, comedy, detective stories, and novels. Furthermore, it enables users to search for articles by date, series, and hobbies, among many other impressive features.

Also, at the end of every page, you have the option to leave a comment or share one. With Webtoon MOD, readers can read lots of stories and learn a lot. Please feel free to leave a comment as to how the app works. I appreciate you, and I wish you a good time!

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What's new

  • For ORIGINALS, screenshots are now available
  • The ‘Report’ feature has been added to the viewer menu for CONNECT The ‘Next Episode’
  • Button has been added below the episode viewing screen
  • Improved episode download facility.
  • The dark mode was added



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